Wii News!

THIS JUST IN… Wii News has launched early! Nintendo is trying to spawn a new type of video game enthusiast indistinguishable from those in the past. Heres a quick rundown.

It’s a wire service, with categories broken down into International, National, Sports, Arts/Entertainment, Business, Tech, Health/Science. All the feeds come in from the Associated Press.

One of the coolest features is you get news from everywhere. The interface is a globe and news stories are stacked upon each other on the places they occur. So getting news about how the French are feeling today is as easy as spinning the globe to Europe and zooming in and clicking on stories in France. New type of video gaming indeed.

Sleek and speedy from constant hand waving and play acting. Conscious of the world around them thanks to the Wii Weather and Wii News channels. This new breed may start to infiltrate society in ways never before available to the nerdy.

I can not wait for thirty years from now, when a President of the United States compares disastrous foreign policy decisions to the blown PS3 launch of 2006.

Source: Gizmodo

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