It is time for a fun DIY project. Makezine, one of the best Do It Yourself sites, recently posted something awesome. It was a DIY project to create an “awesome” button for your computer: a one click stop to inputing a synonym for the word “awesome” as needed.

While something like that could be very useful to some people, it would not be for me. On the other hand, this project is a how-to guide to building and programming something to act as a keyboard, mouse, or both that you can plug into a USB port. You could use TeensyUSB and its Teensy loader/Dunio to build your own gamepad, World of Warcraft macro board, or hot key panel.

If you are in the mood for a DIY project with a lot of applications, maybe it is time you built your own USB interface device. I am going to build my own hot key panel for all those Windows shortcuts I can never remember.

Source: Makezine

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