I’m going to need one of these immediately, if not sooner. Sure, I own corkscrews…shoot, I probably have more corkscrews than most people have spoons. But what I don’t have is a corkscrew that doesn’t require any effort on my part, which depending on how far into a wine-drinking evening I am, is necessary. Responsibility says if I can’t open another I shouldn’t drink any more, but whatever. On the other hand, arthritis runs in my family, and it will make me very sad if I can’t open a bottle at all, even if it’s the first one. So there’s a real reason other than being drunk or lazy to want one.

The Auto Wine Opener has a foil cutter at the top, which will prevent many an injury due to trying to use a sharp knife to remove the foil. After the foil is out of your way, simply place the opener on top of the bottle as straight as possible. Use one hand to hold the opener and the other to hold the bottle. Then all you have to do is press a button and the cork comes out of the bottle practically all on its own, leaving you to enjoy your favourite vintage without worrying about little pieces of cork floating in it or hitting yourself in the chin when it finally lets go. There’s even a release button so getting your cork back is easy as well.

You do have to charge this for ten hours before your first use, but that’s not hard to remember…just plug it in when you start chilling your wine, and they should be ready about the same time. It comes with a power adapter, and features an LED light built in, so you don’t have to ruin a romantic mood by turning on the overheads to see what you’re doing. There is also a transparent window, so you can see your cork coming out. It measures just 2.75 x 2.75 x 9 inches, and has a funky retro design.

You can make one yours (or buy one for me) for right around $45.00 US.

Source: 7 Gadgets

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