Apple Announces iPhone 5S with Touch ID

Apple has finally announced a replacement for its troubled iPhone 5. Earlier today, Apple unveiled to the world an upgraded iPhone 5S, complete with fingerprint sensor, improved processor, and upgraded came... Continued

Apple to Unveil iPhone 5S September 10

According to All Things D, Apple is set to announce a media event for September 10th, where it is expected to announce at the very least, the iPhone 5S. A budget iPhone is also rumoured to be released along... Continued

Apple Acquires Mapping Startups

Apple has reportedly confirmed the purchase of online transit-navigation app maker HopStop, as well as Toronto-based Locationary Inc, which primarily focuses on business-location maps. Locationary, backe... Continued

Apple Creating Ugly Budget iPhone

Apple has long been rumoured to be creating a budget or entry level smartphone for users in emerging markets to launch alongside the rumoured iPhone 5S later this year. Apple has mocked their competitors ev... Continued

Sony Announces RX1R and RX100 II

Sony has introduced two new successors to the popular RX100 and RX1 compact cameras, the RX100 II and RX1R. With these two new cameras Sony has upped the ante with their Cybershot camera lineup. The RX1R... Continued

Samsung Announces Galaxy S4 Camera

Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy S4 Camera, the world's first true smartphone and compact zoom camera combination. The camera sports a 16MP 1/2.3" CMOS sensor, a 10x 24-240mm f/3.1~6.3 zoom le... Continued

New Camera Sensor to Excel in Low Light

A team of researchers from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore has created a new imaging sensor which is highly sensitive to both visible and infrared light. This means that not only could y... Continued