As you all know, Japan was hit by an earthquake followed by a massive tsunami. The damage to some areas of Japan have left hundreds dead and entire neighborhoods washed away leaving thousands of people temporarily homeless.

AT&T has set up an easy way you can help Japan in its recovery effort by donating money to Red Cross. Texting “redcross” to 90999 will mean a $10 donation to the Red Cross with no charge even if you don’t have a texting plan. As you may know, AT&T has a history of providing charity in a number of ways to disaster victims.

In addition to their donation link with Red Cross, AT&T will also be retroactively removing all charges for direct phone calls and text messages from the United States to Japan. Landline customers can also receive up to a 60 minute credit for any calls originating in the United States direct to Japan.

I have personally paid a tidy sum in the past to the tune of $32 for an 8 minute call to China, so I know this can be helpful to families who have been in contact with relatives and friends in Japan for hours. If you have a friend in Japan you are used to talking to online or via Instant Message, you may want to take this time to give them a call. Hearing the voice of a concerned friend can mean a world of difference to someone.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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