Earlier this week I reported that preorders for the Ataribox would go live on Thursday, December 14th. If you’re planning on snagging one, obviously you know that didn’t happen. I lied to you! It wasn’t my fault, though! Atari sent out an email blast saying that the preorders were being delayed and that they need more time to “create the platform and ecosystem the Atari community deserves.”

Updated information should be coming in the next few weeks, but right now we know nothing. If you were excited about getting an Ataribox, you might be a little less excited now, and you have reason to be. The console is expected to cost up to $300, so a last minute delay is a cause for concern. That’s not to mention how little Atari has given us in the way of details.

The console seems more and more like a rushed attempt to cash in on the wave of nostalgia that Nintendo set off with the NES Classic and the SNES Classic. There’s definitely interest in a classic Atari console, nobody is doubting that, but it’s troubling that Atari was days away from accepting preorders before realizing that the console wasn’t up to snuff.

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