While it remains to be seen if the new ASUS tablets are indeed more than meets the eye, the tech company announced at MWC 2012 that they’re renaming their entire line of tablets to “Transformer Pad,” a line that’s about to get a lot more company. They also announced the Transformer Pad 300 series, the ASUS Padfone, and the 700 series will now be called the Transformer Pad Infinity. New 3G/4G LTE equipped tablets are scheduled to hit the market beginning in April.

I definitely appreciate the simplicity of a naming scheme as opposed to a bunch of numbers, and as far as rebranding goes, the word “transformer” isn’t a bad choice. I think slapping the word “pad” on the end takes away a lot of the impact, but ASUS wouldn’t be the first company to put a silly name on a cool piece of tech. And a silly name is much, much more effective than a bland, forgettable one.


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