I am not quite done with Computex AMD 900 series motherboard announcements. ASRock, a personal favorite for entry level to mid-range motherboards, also had some nice toys to show off. Leading their pack of upcoming goodies is their flagship the ASRock 990FX Extreme4 and their entry level titan the ASRock 970 Extreme4.

Even thought there will be a rather large difference in price and target audience, these boards share several great features. ASRock’s 900 series boards will have THX TruStudio audio for quality sound, XFast USB for faster data speeds, the mouse controllable graphical UEFI BIOS, Turbo UCC for simple overclocking, and use of their tuning software the AXTU. These boards also feature the App Charger to charge your USB connected devices up to 40% faster even if the computer is steep or hibernate mode. On/Off Play Technology to allow an audio pass through so you can listen to music on your computer speakers when the computer is off (3.5mm audio crossover cable included).

If you are looking to get everything and then some from a motherboard, the ASRock 990FX is the board for you. The first thing you should notice on this motherboard are the Premium Gold Caps (2.5 x longer life time), 100%Japan-made high-quality Conductive Polymer Capacitors. These are further protected with the addition of heat pipes and a slot to add a fan to the cooling system.

This 8+2 power phase motherboard also comes with 2 value adding features in the CyberLink MediaEspresso 6.5 trial which fully supports AMD APP for the fastest video transencoding possible. You also will get a front 3.5″ panel with 2 USB 3.0 slots and space to mount a 2.5″ SSD. If you have an older case, one with limited HDD space, or one that didnt’ include one or both of these options, ASRock 990FX Extreme4 board takes care of it for you.

ASRock 970 Extreme4 is setting itself apart from the crowds of other boards being released by being the first AMD 970 board to support Nividia SLI. The ASRock 970 Extreme4 should be a very nice mix of budgeting price without sacrificing performance or features of the top-of-the-line boards. In addition to all the features so far, the ASRock 970 still has more to give with manageable smart switches, 4+1 power phasing, and Dr. Debug.

The latest ASRock AMD 9 series motherboards come with a bucketful of technologies aimed at delivering the ultimate PC experience! If you want more details about the exact specs for these greate products, click here.

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