The folks at Arctic are constantly expanding their portfolio. They started out with “just” Arctic Cooling, but there’s also Arctic Power, Arctic Sound, and now some new toys from Arctic Hobby too.

I met up with Arctic here at Computex Taipei 2011 and they have a huge assortment of remote-control vehicles for you to consider. Shown above is the Arctic Hobby Land Rider 403 tank. The “leopard tank with authentic design” not only allows you to control where it goes, but you can also move the gun part and it even shoots bullets!

They’re saying these are targeting the younger set, for the most part, but I can totally see the kid in all of us enjoying them too. The controls are simple yet robust, but you have to note that the Land Rider 403 isn’t exactly cheap at around $100.

In addition to the 1:16 scale tank, there’s also the Land Rider 503 fire engine (complete with R/C ladder and water shooter), Land Rider 507 construction crane, and Land Rider 505 dump truck, among others. Going further up the scale, they have real “enthusiast” R/C vehicles that are priced at $300+, like working (scale) sailboats.

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