Long before the army of Android tablets became a thing, well before the Apple iPhone even existed, I was positively enamored with the range of personal media players (PMPs) from French company Archos. A lot has changed in the 10+ years I’ve been covering the world of consumer electronics, but Archos is still here. And now they’ve got the world’s first Android-powered scooter in the form of the Archos Citee Connect.

In a world where it seems like all the cool vloggers are booting around Manhattan in their Boosted Boards or trying to be a little more fancy with electric bikes, Archos dares to buck the trend again by breathing new life into the scooter.

I still remember when Razor scooters were first becoming popular among the kids as an alternative form of transport beyond the regular old bicycle or rollerblades or even those wheelie shoes. The Archos Citee Connect scooter, of course, is decidedly more advanced beyond the trusted and true form factor of two 8.5-inch wheels, a place to put your feet, and a couple of handlebars.

For starters, it’s powered by Android 8.0 Oreo. So, that’s something.

The smart part of this smart scooter comes by way of a smartphone-like touchscreen dashboard that is permanently attached between the handlebars. Under the hood, there is an unspecified quad-core processor, along with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. From this Android-based interface, you can load up maps, check your current speed, and check on your remaining battery.

While you could presumably tether off your smartphone, the Archos Citee Connect apparently supports 3G, so you may be able to pop in a separate SIM with a separate data plan should you so choose. Get one of those cheap data-only tablet plans and you should be good to go.

As far as the electric part of the electric scooter, you get a 250W motor and a 36W battery that’s good for a range of “over 25 kilometers in urban areas” with regenerative braking. The scooter itself weighs about 12kg (26 pounds), supports riders up to 100kg (220 pounds), and tops out at about 25 km/h (15mph).

Look for the Archos Citee Connect to hit shelves this summer for €499.99, which works out to about $617 US.

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