Finally, a security camera that can tell the difference between your flag blowing in the wind and someone actually standing on your porch trying to jimmy the lock! I don’t use security systems myself, but I have friends who are constantly complaining that theirs records things like the flag, or a tree branch, or the neighbour’s dog or whatever instead of actually catching a thief in the act. One friend, in fact, had his house broken into, but since his system had used all its memory recording his trees blowing in the wind he had no video of the crime.

This isn’t just a camera, it’s a complete system which features an 802.11 wireless IP camera with built-in DVR, teamed with the Archerfish SmartPortal for anytime, anywhere access to view live and recorded video. You can send the video feed to any number of mobile devices or email addresses, so even if you’re not immediately available to view the footage you can get to it as soon as you can. Footage can also be stored on secure Archerfish servers. You can define the area it’s viewing (front porch, garage…whatever) as well as events you want it to record, and there are many other custom system settings.

Included in the system is one camera, one power supply, one mount, one 2GB MicroSD card, and their basic level service for $349.99 US. When you register your device, you also get a free three-month upgrade to their premium level service.

Source: The Gadgeteer

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