One of the best toys I had when I was a kid was Slip ‘N Slide… my sisters and I would spend hours with that thing, getting soaking wet, covered in grass from coming off the end, and making a huge stripe of abused grass that was usually a patch of mud by about mid-August. But then we all grew up, and one thing I’ve noticed about getting older is that getting a running start and then flinging yourself to the ground to slide along a piece of plastic with water spraying over it does not seem like such a good idea any more. This, however…this could change that thought for me.

Sure, it’s supposed to be for kids. But you can’t convince me that one of these won’t wind up in use at a party where there are no children in sight. Of course, you can let your kids play on it, and if you play with them it gives you a darn fine excuse to get your racing strategy down before your grownup friends come over to play.

What you get is very simple. The “racetrack” measures 16 feet long by 60 inches wide by 12.5 inches high. It even comes with two inflatable body boards for faster sliding! Both tunnels spray water along their length, and the splash pool at the end has a water-filled rim. Basically, whoever wins gets to go headfirst into the water, and whoever loses gets all the backsplash.

Really, that’s all there is to it. Hook it up to your garden hose, spread it out, and let the racing commence. At right around $25.00 US, it’s affordable summertime fun the whole family can enjoy.

Source: 7 Gadgets

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