It seems that Apple has joined the majority of the rest of the free world and opened up shop on eBay.

A wide range of products including the iPad, iPod, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro are available for purchase, and they all come with a full warranty. Until now, refurbished Apple products have only been available in a hard to locate section of Apple’s website. With the addition of the eBay store, it should make slightly more affordable Apple products more accessible to the general public.

Each of the refurbished Apple products comes with:

– Full one year warranty
– Returned to like-new condition
– iPads/iPods include new battery
– Receive complete burn in testing
– Original OS installed
– Repackaged with manual and cable
– Final quality inspection by Apple

I’ve purchased Apple refurbished products in the past and often recommend them to friends. It’s a great way to get an Apple device at a reduced cost, especially if you don’t need their latest offerings. Head on over to eBay and check it out.

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