Here we go again. I am here to announce that Apple has formally announced when they will be making their announcement. Apple has just sent out its invitations for a special event on Thursday, September 7th, which is presumably where we will be introduced to the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Or the iPhone 7 Pro. It’s probably the iPhone 7 Plus.

Rumors about this newest generation of Apple smartphones have been swirling around the Internet since late last year. From what we can gather, the iPhone 7 won’t depart too much from the current design of the iPhone 6 Plus. One big different could be the removal of the headphone jack. The larger iPhone 7 Plus could have dual cameras and 3GB of RAM too. Remember that we can’t compare the iPhone against Android phones spec-for-spec, so saying that Android flagships boast much more than 3GB isn’t necessarily saying anything.

Continuing down what we’ve heard thus far, the larger iPhone 7 Plus could get a bigger battery and up to 256GB of internal storage too. And both the regular iPhone 7 and its bigger cousin could come in a deep blue color too. Of course, these are all rumors. Then again, Apple has gotten progressively worse at keeping secrets in recent years… or tipsters are getting better at grabbing their leaked information.


The only information that Apple is providing on an official basis is that they will “see you on the 7th.” The invitation image, shown above, depicts some bokeh that could be interpreted as the single and dual cameras of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Or I could just be reading too much into a series of unfocused circular blobs of color.

In addition to the newest generation of iPhone, Apple could unveil a new iPad family, a refreshed MacBook, and maybe the Apple Watch 2 too. Keep your eyes and ears peeled to the web on September 7 for more.


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