According to Apple’s Craig Federighi, the company has designed themselves into a corner with the Mac Pro, boxing themselves into a circular shape. Despite the confusing metaphors, what he means to say is they no longer believe they can take the current design of the Mac Pro any further and a complete refresh is overdue.

The company is hard at work on a new Mac Pro and a separate pro display and the team has reportedly been told to take their time. The latest MacBook Pros came with Touch Bars, showing they still have some innovation up their sleeves, but there were complaints about battery life, a lack of power, and a lack of ports.

So they’re going back to the drawing board, and we don’t know when the latest iterations will arrive. I certainly wouldn’t count on it this year, but you shouldn’t complain. Overhauls are rarely a bad idea, and kudos to Apple for making this decision despite no significant decrease in popularity.

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