If you have your lock screen notifications hidden in your privacy settings and you ask Siri to read your notifications, she won’t tell you zip. At least, she’s not supposed to, but a recent bug has turned Siri into a blabber mouth that will read your hidden notifications from thirdy-party apps to anyone who asks. Fortunately, Apple is aware that Siri is putting people on blast, and intends to fix the issue soon.

Apple will release the fix in an upcoming software update, though it’s unknown whether that will be a mini-update or the upcoming iOS 11.3 release. Until then, be careful who you leave your phone around. Siri won’t read your iMessages or SMS texts, but emails and other message clients – namely Facebook Messenger – will be read to anyone who asks, whether you’re the owner of the phone or not.

The issue is afflicting iOS 11.3 beta and iOS 11.2.6 devices. We’ll let you know when Apple releases the fix.

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