I don’t know a whole lot about trademark law (or any kind of law, for that matter), but even I know that trying to trademark the word “startup” is pretty silly. Yet that’s just what Apple is trying to accomplish, having filed their application yesterday.

It sounds as if the application is in the very early stages of the process and hasn’t yet been reviewed. Apple is looking to apply the trademark to several things, including retail store services, educational services, computer hardware and software, mobile phones, technological consultancy services, and several more goods and services. Apple’s really going whole hog with this thing.

While I’m sure sillier things have been trademarked, attempting to trademark the word “startup” is absurd and I sincerely hope that Apple doesn’t get their way. I’ve been critical of Apple in the past, but my bias doesn’t play a part here. Anyone applying for such a trademark should be laughed out of the building.

via ZDnet

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