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Hey Apple fans, are you ready for a new iPhone? Of course you are, you crazy kids! It’s been long-rumored that the iPhone 5S, Apple’s next-generation flagship phone, will make its debut on September 10th. Not that that rumor isn’t already as strong as an ox, but it’s even more likely now as the Wall Street Journal breaks the news that Apple has asked their supplier, Hon Hai, to start shipping a new high-end iPhone in early September.

That isn’t all, though. They’ve also ask Hon Hai to start shipping a low-end iPhone as well, and also in early September. The rumor surrounding this suggests that Apple is looking to debut an “economy” version of the iPhone for those not willing or able to shell out hundreds of dollars. It could come in a variety of colors and be sold as the iPhone 5C. We think the “C” stands for “color” and not for “cheap.”

Last year’s iPhone 5 was revealed on September 12th and shipped just a few weeks later. Apple seems to be targeting the same timeframe this year too.

via The Verge

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