Working in the electronics section of a department store, I get all sorts of customers looking for adapters of various sorts. The amount of different types of connections is mind-boggling and frustrating for a lot of people. USB-C is becoming an industry standard, but it’s not quite there yet. Thankfully, the AnyWatt smart adapter can help bridge the gap between old and new.

AnyWatt is a small adapter that can take several different types of plugs – square base, round head, and mag base, any voltage – and make them USB-C-friendly, allowing you to charge your MacBook, power bank, smart watch and more.

The AnyWatt is currently on the last two weeks of its Kickstarter campaign where it’s already almost $3,000 past its $5,000 goal. The $16 early bird pledge is already sold out and at the time of this writing, only eight $19 pledges remain, but there are still options. The AnyWatt should ship this upcoming September.

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