It used to be if you didn’t buy the right kind of car, you couldn’t have OnStar support. But now apparently they realize they’ve missed an incredibly huge market niche, and are taking steps to rectify the error. Because safety and immediate contact with authorities in case of an accident should not be exclusive to those who can afford it.

The OnStar FMV Car Mirror is exactly that…a mirror that replaces the rearview in practically any car you happen to drive. It comes pre-wired with all the OnStar goodies you’ve seen in all those commercials (or a rich friend’s car). It is certified to work with 75 of the top 100 vehicles sold in the last ten years, and they are adding more all the time. You get all the key safety features of factory-installed OnStar (automatic crash response, turn-by-turn navigation, stolen vehicle location assistance, one-button access to emergency services, roadside assistance, and hands-free calling), although some extras such as stolen vehicle slowdown, vehicle diagnostic reports, and remote door unlock are not included.

This one is not quite available yet, but when it is, it’ll cost you $299.99 US plus around $100.00 for installation. You’ll also need to subscribe to OnStar, which starts at $18.95 per month or $199.00 per year.

Source: Gizmos For Geeks

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