Sometimes when you change something too much, you ruin what made it great in the first place. I kind of feel that way about ANTEC’s P183 chassis. Sure, the design is a little old, but it still looks great to this day. It’s just missing some features that bring it up to date and that’s exactly what ANTEC did to it by adding in modern features like USB 3.0 front panel ports, a place for a 2.5 inch SSD to mount up and a CPU cut out that allows you to attach those enormous heatsinks. A little refining of the cable management over the last two revisions also gives the P183 the legs to run again in 2011 as the new P183 V3.

The other cases that get the update treatment include the P193 V3, Nine Hundred Two V3 and Twelve Hundred V3. Prices seem more or less the same as previous versions and is backed by a 3 year warranty. Full press release is posted below.

Antec Boosts Performance One Series and Gaming Case Lines

Original models enhanced to offer increased flexibility and performance capabilities

Fremont, CA February 3, 2011 In its 25th anniversary year, Antec, Inc., the global leader in high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself markets, today introduced the next-generation of the popular P183, P193, Nine Hundred Two and Twelve Hundred models, expanding the Performance One and Gaming Case series portfolios, respectively, by adding new convenience options and performance features for PC enthusiasts, gamers and high-performance users.

Antec has taken the fundamentals of its previous P183, P193, Nine Hundred Two and Twelve Hundred enclosures and enhanced them to accommodate the newest component standards with the new P183 V3, P193 V3, Nine Hundred Two V3 and Twelve Hundred V3 models.

Each model is equipped with three key upgrades:

  • Front panel USB 3.0 port for faster data transmission
  • An internal 2.5 SSD drive bay (two drive bays in the Performance One enclosures and one drive bay in the Gaming Case series) for an unmatched combination of performance and convenience
  • A CPU cutout that allows for easy heatsink replacement

Were excited to release these new models in the Performance One and Gaming Case series as they offer users enhanced features to keep their leading-edge performance, said Scott Richards, senior vice president of Antec. With the new upgrades, these new models exemplify the customer-driven innovation that Antec is known for users are going to love the increased flexibility and performance offered in these enclosures.

Antecs exclusive three-layer side and front panel design (aluminum, plastic, aluminum) in the P183 V3, and dual-layer design in the P193 V3, is retained to reduce noise and ensure Quiet Computing, and offer excellent cooling capabilities. The P183 V3 also includes a double-hinged front door that opens to 270 degrees, external fan controls on the rear panel, rubber grommet ports on the rear to allow builders to easily mount external water-cooling hardware, and cable management behind the motherboard tray to reduce cable clutter.

Additional attributes of the P193 V3 include space for up to seven variable-speed fans, and features compatibility-enhancing attributes such as its unique power supply mounting option for both standard size power supplies as well as Antecs exclusive CPX form factor PSUs.

The Nine Hundred Two V3 and Twelve Hundred V3 build upon their predecessors and offer the gaming community an unrivaled combination of cooling and compatibility, delivering performance and convenience in mid-tower and full-tower gaming cases. The hard-hitting cooling systems of the Nine Hundred V3 and Twelve Hundred V3 utilize a top Big Boy 200 blue LED cooling fan, two rear blue LED 120 mm fans and three front blue LED 120 mm fans to maximize airflow.

Additional features of the Nine Hundred Two V3 include built-in washable air filters (right in the front panel,) room for up to 10 drive bays and eight expansion slots for even greater versatility.

The Twelve Hundred V3 boasts 13 drive bays, space for graphics cards as large as 17.5, a perforated front bezel with washable air filters. Apart from standard size power supplies, the Twelve Hundred V3 can also accommodate Antecs CPX form factor PSUs.

The P183 V3, P193 V3, Nine Hundred Two V3 and Twelve Hundred V3 are available now for an estimated price of $179.95, $209.95, $159.95 and $209.95, respectively, through major retailers, e-tailers and distributors and are backed by Antecs Quality 3-Year (AQ3) limited warranty on parts and labor.

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