Let’s face it. The 1993 movie with John Leguizamo and Dennis Hopper left more than a little to be desired. We want a real Mario Bros. movie with some real heart, even if it isn’t true to the Nintendo canon. And the Internet community has come through in spades.

The latest crew to provide their take on the real Mushroom Kingdom is the Captain Hippo sketch comedy group from New York. What if Mario and Luigi really were real-life plumbers who happened to live in Boston? Yes, it plays off some of the old jokes — like Mario is hopped up on mushrooms and thinks he’s invincible — but they also give an interesting take on how Princess handles her Peach, so to speak.

Maybe they’re inspired by award-winning films like The Wrestler and, more recently, The Fighter. Because what we have here… is The Plumber. Finally, a starring role for Luigi that isn’t Luigi’s Mansion.

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