Well, this is frustrating and stupid. There are a lot of “borrowed” ideas in the smartphone world, and that’s okay. That’s always been a big part of competition. Sometimes you take someone else’s concept and you run with it, evolving it into something even more special to create a truly great product. Innovation breeds innovation, after all. Then there’s the lazy, blatant stealing of ideas in an attempt to simply cut into your competitor’s sales. Stealing the iPhone X Notch falls into that category.

The iPhone X notch has been a tad divisive, but most consumers don’t seem to mind it. And it’s not just a weird cosmetic touch. It houses the Face ID tech. Certain Android manufacturers don’t seem to care what its purpose is, they just see it as a distinguishing mark that lets people know that you have latest, greatest smartphone.

We saw the notch on the Xoutfo10 and the Leagoo S9 last year and this year it can be found on the upcoming Noa N10. What’s even worse is that the notch on the N10 overlaps the Android icons and obscures the clock.

The whole thing is fairly shady. Like I said earlier, the reception to the iPhone X notch wasn’t overwhelmingly positive, but at least it serves a purpose. Now you have manufacturers stripping it of that purpose and just adding a pointless cosmetic feature that wasn’t that popular to begin with. And while I can’t claim to know exactly what they’re thinking, I think it’s a safe bet that this phone is specifically designed for consumers who want to fool people into thinking their phone cost a lot more money than they actually paid for it. It’s dirty, ingeniousness pool all around.

The Noa N10 will debut at this month’s Mobile World Congress and will ship with Android 8.0 for around $375.


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