Get ready to taste the rainbow, because according to Rosenblatt analysy Jun Zhang, Apple may launch its upcoming iPhone 8S LCD phones in multiple colors, such as blue, yellow, and even pink, in an attempt to woo younger consumers to its brand. The phone is set to launch in the second half of the year.

Apple did this back in 2013 with the iPhone 5C (the "c" actually stood for color, seriously), but since then the colors on offer have been standard for the company. Zhang thinks that the different color options would help differentiate the LCD model from the high end OLED models, which they certainly would, and it would make the iPhone 8S immediately recognizable.

It's worth nothing that although Apple has done this in the past, it wasn't necessarily a success. Though the iPhone 5C came out of the gate strong, it was ultimately considered a flop and Apple CEO Tim Cook admitted to overstocking the model after they incorrectly predicted its popularity.

Zhang also thinks that next year's big iPhone will have three rear cameras and might ship with a ToF 3D sensing solution. It's something we'll no doubt see eventually, but whether or not it will show up as soon as 2019 remains to be seen.

Here's the thing about this speculation: it's just that. Zhang isn't basing any of this on leaked info, but rather pure speculation based on past Apple behavior. On one hand, that's his job, but on the other hand, it's hard to take any of this too seriously without a shred of evidence pointing in its direction.

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