AMD floated a demo over to us of their new Llano FUSION APU taking the currently shipping Core i7 2630QM to task. If you’re not familiar with AMD FUSION, it’s basically a CPU and GPU built onto a single die, much like INTEL Sandy Bridge in some respects. Building a chip this way allows both components to use less power and allows tighter integration between the previously separated components. FUSION’s GPU is much more powerful than the one onboard the INTEL chip. Applications that take advantage of GPU compute power clearly do better as shown in the video below.

Now the question is, can you imagine an AMD Fusion APU beating a Sandy Bridge Core i7 mobile chip? Or has AMD simply used some VERY optimized applications that take advantage of the more powerful GPU? The A-Series Llano FUSION APU isn’t quite out yet so there’s no way for anyone to verify or do our own testing. At least for now. All we know is that the current “E-Series” FUSION is a little on the weak side when compared to even a Core i3. Hmm…

[Source: AMD Blog]

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