AMD has released information stating they have finally passed the peace pipe with Nvidia… at least related to the SLI on AMD chipset issue. One of the biggest advantages to using an Intel chipset with your motherboard purchase was Intel’s license to use both AMD’s Crossfire and Nvidia’s SLI. This provides those who use multiple graphics cards (or plan to in the near future) the option of either brand. Currently, using AMD’s chipset, 99% of their motherboards will limit you to only AMD/ATI cards for multiple GPU configurations.

This armistice between AMD and Nvidia in the end will be mutually beneficial for both. AMD will be adding SLI to their 900 chipset line-up, in particular the 990X (2 cards in SLI) and 990FX (up to 3 cards in SLI). This will remove one major weakness to the AMD brand when compared to Intel. AMD will now be able to offer their platform to die hard Nvidia users, thus expanding their market.

Nvidia is offering this option for their standard $5 per board fee. This allows Nvidia to not only make money in a market they have largely not be a part of for years, but may make Nvidia graphic solutions more desirable to AMD platform users. I expect this to increase the price of AMD motherboards sporting the 900 chipset come June 2011, but I don’t think it will be a drastic change. I also expect this to eventually require Intel to bring their chipset cost down to be more competitive.

Source: TechPowerUp

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