A few days ago, AMD started revenue shipments of the first Bulldozer CPUs to the server market. The current Bulldozer version in question is the Interlagos, which features two 8-core Bulldozer CPU dies on a single MCP (multi-chip module package). A single Interlagos processor features two 8-core Bulldozers, with each Bulldozer subdivided into 4 smaller cores each with dual CPU cores, a single floating point unit and two integer units all connected to 2MB of L2 cache (see illustration above). All four cores are tied to 8MB of integrated L3 cache which is also shared with the built-in Northbridge; and each Bulldozer CPU has an integrated memory controller and accesses a 3.2Gb HyperTranport 3.0 bus.

If you do the math, that means Interlagos is the world’s first 16-core processor, with 8 floating point units and 16 integer units accessing 16MB of L2 cache in addition to 16 MB of L3 cache on a 3.2Gb HyperTransport bus. That looks like the kind of performance that is well suited to the server space, as Interlagos is due to replace the current Opteron 6100 series platforms.

Of greater interest to consumers though are the long awaited AM3+ socket Zambezi FX 8-core Bulldozer variants slated for the desktop. Currently there are four parts planned from the FX8100, FX8110, FX8130P and FX8150P ranging in clock speeds from 3.5GHz/3.9GHz Turbo and 95W TDP all the way up to 4GHz/4.4GHz Turbo and 135W TDP. According to AMD and some Taiwanese motherboard makers, all AM3+ motherboards and possibly some older AM3 boards will be able to support these new processors with BIOS upgrades.

Originally, Zambezi was due for Q3 release, however, it would appear that AMD has decided to hold them back for an additional stepping revision, possibly to allow for better yields at higher clock speeds which are necessary in the consumer space, but not as critical for the server computing space. Interlagos CPUs are shipping now in volume, with Zambezi FX CPUs expected sometime in Q4. Video after the jump.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHCKaz_OpYM&w=500&h=314]

Source: AMD

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