Once again AMD releases information to the public in a one, two punch style. The overall story is they are expanding the APU lineup to cover more of the mid-range and entry level market. I think the APU design and implementation is a success for AMD, so let me show you what you can expect from them in the coming weeks leading up to Bulldozer.

First up from AMD was news they were releasing the A4 series of dual core desktop APUs starting with the 2.7 GHz A4-3400 and 2.5 GHz A4-3300. Targeting both low power desktops and low price, these APUs have an MSRP of $75 and $70 respectively. Both A4-3000 chips will have a TDP of only 65W and a 6410D GPU core. The GPU will have 160 Radeon cores and clocked at 600 MHz for the A4-3400 and 444 MHz for the A4-3300.

The day after announcing these dual core APUs, AMD brings more to the table instead of less with the announcement of the multiplier unlocked APUs. Adopting K like Intel, these APUs will be the 2.7 GHz A6-3670K and 3.0 GHz A8-3870K. As you know, A6 means the 6530D (320 Radeon cores, 444 MHz clock) and A8 means the 6550D GPU (400 Radeon cores, 600 MHz clock). The unlocked multi gives these APUs a little more flexibility in overclocking and should prove interesting to see what these chips can do.

This brings the FM1 socket APUs up to 7 and 1 Athlon quad-core FM1 socket chip.

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