Fans of Amazon Underground's "Actually Free" apps better grab what they can while they can. As of May 31, Amazon will no longer accept new submissions from developers wanting their apps and games in the program. The program itself will be completely discontinued in 2019. Until then, developers with apps already accepted will still be able to publish updates.

Fire tablet users will be able to access the store until the total shutoff in 2019, but that only implies to current tablets. Future devices will not have access beyond the end of May, nor will Android devices. However, all users will still be able to play apps they've already downloaded. The Amazon Underground store will continue to exist; it's just the "Actually Free" program that's disappearing.

Start hoarding while you can! It's a bit confusing, but it makes sense that Amazon would reward those using Fire devices. Android users are essentially chopped liver, and come 2019, we're all chopped liver.

We are all chopped liver.

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