If you were not a part of the opening day rush, Amazon.com expanded their services to include the Amazon Cloud Drive. While this service is not new to the Internet, many will think it is another DropBox service, and you couldn’t be more wrong. It is another Ubuntu One service like I discussed in my first article.

The primary advertisement of the Amazon Cloud Drive is not the fact you can actually store a large amount of personal data on their system. It is because any MP3 purchase you make from Amazon is automatically stored in your Cloud drive and can be streamed to any PC or mobile device via the Amazon Cloud Player. This is the exact same thing Ubuntu users got from Ubuntu One with three major differences. Amazon.com offers better pricing on their service for a year, more space for free, and more lawsuits.

Record label executives now plan to bring Amazon to court about allowing their users to stream music over the Internet as Amazon does not have the license to stream music. Ubuntu avoid this issue by partnering with 7digital.com who does have a license to both sell and stream MP3s. This is one time when Amazon may have rushed a project to market too fast, and they will ending up paying dearly for it. I hope beating Google to second place was worth it.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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