I mean, they’re basically the same thing already, so you may as well enable the darn thing in the software. If you look at something like the Fire HD 8 tablet, it already comes equipped with a display (obviously) and it can do voice with Alexa. Slap on the new Show Mode and the new charging dock, and that tablet has just transformed into the Echo Show smart screen.

And yes, this applies to the Amazon Fire HD 10 too. Both of the HD tablets from Amazon will be getting new charging docks that put the display front and center. The screen stays on when the tablets are in the dock, just as they would if they were the Echo Spot or Echo Show, and it’ll take your Alexa commands like a champ.

The dock comes with a case for your chosen Amazon tablet, and then the tablet attaches to the dock via magnets. Once docked, it’ll start charging and it’ll boot up the new Show Mode automatically. From there, you can read recipes, watch news clips, set timers, and so on, all in the hands-free interface you’ve come to expect from Echo. There’s also an adjustable kickstand on the back.

It ends up being cheaper to buy one of these docks and to buy one of these tablets instead of buying a single Echo Show. Go figure. And this comes ahead of any official launch of the upcoming Google smart screens too.

The new Show Mode charging dock for the Fire HD 8 is listed at $34.99, whereas the version for the Fire HD 10 lists at $49.99. Both docks are expected to ship starting on July 12. Show Mode itself will roll out as a software update for the Fire HD tablets starting on July 2.

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