It’s no secret that the Amazon Echo is a hot holiday item. The things have been difficult to get at Amazon and their retail partners, so we all knew they were selling like hot cakes. While Amazon hasn’t (and likely won’t) release the actual sales numbers, they have said that they’ve sold nine times as many units as they did last year.

The cheaper Echo Dot has made the item even more popular and accessible, and Amazon admittedly had trouble keeping up with demand, even with “ramped-up production.”Amazon shipped over one billion items during the holiday season, and their own products made up a good chunk of that list.

All hail our new online overlords, who in truth have been here all along, and are now listening to our private conversations and probably watching us with drones. Now if you’ll excuse me, an Amazon drone just surprised me with a portrait of Jeff Bezos, that I assume is to be hung up in the my living room.

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