Because peeking into America’s bedrooms alone isn’t creepy enough anymore. If you’ve been anxious to get your hands on the spectacularly round Amazon Echo Spot and you happen to live on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, you are now in luck. Amazon’s smart alarm clock has officially gone on sale in Europe.

Up until now, the Echo Spot has only been available in the United States. Starting today, it is shipping in the UK, Germany and Austria. So while that doesn’t exactly cover all of Europe, it is a definite expansion beyond the US exclusive.

As a quick refresher, the Echo Spot is basically a smaller, rounder version of the larger, more rectangular Echo Show. It does everything that a regular Echo does, except it also has a display and a camera, the two of which can be used in combination for video calls and such. You can also invite Anderson Cooper into your bedroom for a Flash Briefing if you’d like.

It was only recently that the Echo lineup finally expanded into Canada at all. For now, we’ve only got the Echo Dot, the mid-range Echo (2nd generation) and the premium Echo Plus, with no obvious word for when we might get the Echo Show, the Echo Look or the Echo Spot.

In the US, the Echo Spot retails for $129.99 and you can save $40 if you buy two at a time. As with so many of these kinds of things, it’s a little more expensive in Europe. Pricing has been set at £119.99 in the UK and at €129.99 for Germany and Austria. That works out to about $170 US and $160 US, respectively, with today’s mid-market exchange rates.

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