Just as everyone expected, Amazon just introduced the new Echo Show, an Echo smart device with a built-in 7-inch touchscreen. We just didn't think the announcement was going to come out of the blue like this. Alexa, what's new with the Amazon Echo Show?

The new Amazon Echo Show looks exactly like the leaked image from late last week. It's this wedge-shaped thing with a touchscreen on the top and a rectangular speaker underneath. Unsurprisingly, it does everything that all the other Echo devices can do, like stream music, call you an Uber, or order a diaper refill using Amazon Prime.

Like the also recently announced Amazon Echo Look, the Amazon Echo Show also comes with a built-in camera. You can use this to make video calls with friends and family who also have one (or the Alexa app), as well as voice calls to anyone with an Echo or an Echo Dot.

One feature that sounds a little creepy is called "Drop In." After granting permission, you can "drop in" on any of your approved contacts to talk without needing them to pick up the call. Other features include the ability to call up YouTube videos, CNN news briefings, recipes, and song lyrics, as well as control your smart home devices (like checking the baby monitor), peruse your Prime photos, check your calendar, set alarms and so on.

Amazon is taking pre-orders now with the launch set for June 28. The Amazon Echo Show is $229.99 in your choice of black or white. Pick up two or more at the same time with promo code SHOW2PACK to get $100 off.

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