Maybe you don't have an Amazon Prime account. It's okay. Neither do I. And maybe you've had the experience of wanting something small from Amazon, but you didn't have enough to qualify for free shipping. So, you didn't get it. Well, now there's a special section on Amazon just for you, because everything in there is $10 and under and it all comes with free shipping.

In some ways, you could say this new "$10 & under" section is the mirror image or corresponding component to all those "add-on items" that you used to buy in order to hit the $25 free shipping threshold. You can find this new area of bargains and cheap buys both on the website and via the mobile app.

When you hit up the page, you're initially shown all the products that qualify under this new program.

From there, you can choose to navigate to the various sub-sections, highlight products for women, for men, gifts, home decor, household and even electronics for $10 or less. Unsurprisingly, it's mostly cheap stuff like cables and panda-shaped smartphone cases, but there are also more unique items like a wooden wristwatch for under five bucks.

From what I can gather, the new Amazon $10 & Under stuff is a direct response to similar bargain-seeking online shopping portals like Wish. The whole point is that you'll be convinced to drop a few bucks here and there that you probably wouldn't have otherwise. Each page is an endless scroll too, so you can easily waste some time browsing for potential diamonds in the rough.

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