If you spend any amount of time in motels, especially the lower-end ones, you know how frustrating it is to try to find the electrical outlets, much less enough of them to plug everything in that you need to charge. I travel quite a bit for work, but I have to pay my own way. Which means I carry frequent guest cards for the cheaper chain motels, where if you’re lucky you find an outlet that isn’t hidden behind the dresser or taken up by the lamp. If only I’d seen this before now, my traveling life could have been much more pleasant.

The Aluratek Dual USB Charging Station features two USB outlets and three regular electrical outlets. Which means you can plug in your laptop, phone, MP3 player, and whatever other electronics you might travel with without having to do without the TV or lamp. For ease of travel, the plug is collapsible, so it won’t snag on anything in your bag or, worse yet, poke a hole in the side. What’s really nice, is that since it has both electric and USB outlets, you can charge your devices via USB without having to have them plugged into your computer. So if you don’t need your camera, for instance, you can leave it charging in your room while you go off for your business meeting without worrying about leaving your laptop behind for the housekeeping staff. It also provides fireproof circuit protection with surge protection of 612 joules.

You can order one today for around $20.00 US, and depending on where you shop you can get free shipping.

Source: Geek Alerts

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