I’m not much of a drinker – my cognitive functions leave much to be desired even when I’m stone-cold sober – but if you like to knock’em back, bottoms up, because now booze-delivery service Minibar is now more powerful than ever after snatching up competitor Booze Carriage.

Minibar launched in February of 2014 and has found a lot of success in the last 13 months. They don’t give out a lot of details about their inner-workings, but they do expect to pull in eight figures this year. Booze Carriage launched much earlier, in 2012, and became a solid player in the NYC area, especially when you consider their regular corporate clients. Apparently they didn’t find enough success, though, as Minibar has now acquired Booze Carriage, and Booze Carriage’s 25,000 customers (and presumably their corporate clients) will now be transferred to Minibar.

Minibar is still far from the only game in town. Thirstie just picked up $1.1 million in funding and they’re just one company on a long list of start-ups. Like I said, I’m not much of a drinker, but I do have an appreciation for services like Minibar, because if you can get booze delivered straight to your door, that limits scenarios that have you drunkenly climbing behind the wheel of car.

via Tech Crunch

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