In my world, my laptop ends up sitting on a loading dock or other very public place about 80% of the time. Sometimes I have to walk away from it on short notice and don’t have time to put it away. Which means I’m always a little concerned that when I come back it might not be there. Sure, I could buy one of those silly little padlock doohickeys to attach it to the table, but that’s not really always practical. Half the time, I’m using it actually on my lap, and there isn’t anything nearby that would be helpful for attaching it. Enter the Alarmio.

Alarmio is a simple two-step alarm that is activated by motion. The first level is fairly unobtrusive (just a chirp), so you don’t have to worry about scaring the daylights out of yourself if you’re the one moving it. However, if your laptop (or briefcase, or purse, or whatever you’ve got) continues to move, Alarmio will emit an ear-bleeding 100 decibel alarm. My only concern about that is if the person attempting to walk away with your property is so startled by it that they drop it, and then your laptop is a shattered bunch of circuitry on the floor.

The steel cable attached to Alarmio can extend up to 60cm, and if the would-be thief thinks they’ll get around it by cutting it, that will also trigger the alarm. For right around $32.00 US, this seems like a pretty cost-effective means of gaining some peace of mind.

Source: Red Ferret

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