Like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, the Google Chromecast, and the Roku Streaming Stick, the ADATA MIGUcast MV100 looks like an overgrown flash drive that you plug directly into the HDMI port on your television. Then, you provide it with power via a USB cable, presumably because most TVs have a USB port these days. But why would you pick this stick over the other streaming sticks?

Whereas the other “mainstream” streaming sticks give you access to such services as Hulu and Netflix, the ADATA MIGUcast MV100 is geared specifically toward the Chinese-speaking audience. As I understand it, they’ve already been selling the device overseas, but now they’re marketing it to the rest of the world. The focus is on Chinese language content, primarily from mainland China. This includes CCTV, Beijing TV, Shenzhen TV, and Phoenix Television. Content ranges from dramas and variety shows to sports, movies and food.

After you get the device hooked up to the TV in your living room (or any other HDMI-compatible display for that matter), you control it via the MIGU app. Available for both iOS and Android, the MIGU app pairs your phone with the MIGUcast streamer. From there, you can browse through the channel menu and tap the “cast” button when you find something you want to watch.

The ADATA MIGUcast MV100 will be available through Amazon and Newegg for $69.99, presumably soon.

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ADATA Introduces the MIGUcast MV100 HDMI Streaming Media Adapter

Enables simple casting of TV content from mobile devices to big screens with the MIGU TV app

Taipei, Taiwan – Apr. 13, 2017 – ADATA Technology, a leading manufacturer of high performance DRAM modules, NAND Flash products, and mobile accessories today launched the MIGUcast MV100 HDMI Streaming Media Adapter in global markets outside China, accompanied by the proprietary MIGU TV content app. MIGUcast offers customers a quick and easy way to stream live TV from mobile devices to any TV screen equipped with HDMI and USB. The MIGU TV app currently focuses on Chinese-language content, primarily from mainland China. It offers the most popular channels and programs, and is therefore ideal for Chinese language users living worldwide and students of Chinese around the globe, who can now enjoy the products thanks to ADATA distribution. MIGUcast is compatible with iOS and Android for maximum coverage and convenience.


Simple setup to get going right away

The MIGUcast MV100 package includes the device itself and a USB cable. MIGUcast connects to any HDMI port, with USB passthrough for power. Once connected, users can download the MIGU TV app to their iOS and Android devices and quickly pair with the MIGUcast streamer connected to their TV. The app includes a channel menu, and streaming content is as simple as setting the TV to the right HDMI source followed by selecting a channel on the mobile device app and tapping the “cast” icon.


Popular channels and wide diversity of content

MIGU TV serves as a gateway to the most in-demand TV content from China. This includes top-rated CCTV (China Central Television) channels as well as dozens of others, such as Beijing TV, Shenzhen TV, and Phoenix Television. Users get access to the newest and most talked-about hit shows, dramas, and programming. Coverage extends to news, sports, movies, and special interests like travel, food, and fashion.

MIGUcast and MIGU TV curate terrestrial and satellite channels that would be very difficult to view traditionally outside China and make them easily accessible.


Perfect for Chinese language users and learners

Since MIGUcast and MIGU TV deliver the latest and greatest Chinese-language TV content direct from mainland China, they are an excellent option for Chinese language users living anywhere outside China that wish to remain up to date on both popular culture and language. The device and app are also excellent tools for students of Chinese as watching TV proves extremely helpful in picking up new vocabulary and practicing speech, especially as MIGU TV content is primarily in Standard Chinese.


Access without the hassle

Previously, users needed to “jailbreak” mobile devices and use VPNs to access these channels outside China. Even then, disconnects and outages would still be common. MIGUcast and MIGU TV leave all that in the past, offering a cost effective method to watch mainland China TV channels. They help customers get together with family and friends to enjoy much-beloved programming such as the world-famous CCTV Lunar New Year Gala and major sports events, free from technical difficulties and frustration.



MIGUcast MV100 will be available at and


Product Webpage



AMV100-HDMI-CGD $69.99



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