While I am an AMD guy, I have been avoiding bringing up rumors about Bulldozer. I don’t like to post information I cannot be sure is true. But the info has started trickling out with the posting about prices of the chips and the Intel chips each is expected to be competition against.

This is Digitimes who states their source is someone in the industry. There is also some information floating around that this was no leak, but complete legit information allowed to be public via an expired NDA. I cannot say for sure if the information was posted is accurate, but I have it on good authority it is accurate.

While AMD has left us in the dark about performance, we can at least make some generalizations about what should be expected based on their Intel targets. I would still like some more details ironed out like what does the “P” stand for and what does it mean to the end user? Or how the naming scheme works to give us a better idea about clock speeds. Well we are in the home stretch now, so it is only a matter of a few weeks before we all know exactly what AMD is bringing to the party.

Source: TechPowerUp!

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