The Ultimate “Green” Car

The new MiniC.A.T. is the first non-polluting, compressed air powered car to enter production. The recent deal that the inventors struck with Tata, the biggest Indian car manufacturer, will allow this “green” automobile technology to be mass-produced and available to all. Apart from having an engine of the most unusual kind, the car also has a single-wire electrical system and complete wireless control. The central controlling computer allows you not only to keep an eye on the vehicle’s parameters, such as speed, but also to be connected to the Internet, a satellite GPS system, and many other external information providers.

Last, but not least, the cost of running this car will be extremely low, as all you’ll need is an appropriate gas station able to supply you with compressed air. With an autonomy of 120 to 190 miles and a speed up to 68 mph, this seems to be the ideal vehicle for town traffic. No more choking fumes, but a breath of fresh (compressed) air!

Source: The MDI Air Car

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