You may have heard that Netflix has “gone global,” expanding their service to 130 more countries (which isn’t exactly global, but whatever), but what you may not know is just how different the available selections are in the various countries. Some of us are aware that what’s available in the US isn’t necessarily available in Canada and vice versa, but the differences in other countries are much more drastic.

The Netflix US service has almost 6,000 titles available. Netflix Canada has arond 3,600 titles. That’s already a pretty substantial difference, but compare that to only 739 titles and 678 titles in India and Africa, respectively. The point of this isn’t to criticize Netflix; the expansion is great news and I have no doubt that Netflix is working hard to get more titles in more countries. For those who don’t want to wait, however, there’s UnoTelly.

UnoTelly is a DNS service that, in a nutshell, gives you access to content not available in your country by making it think that you’re in the country where it is available. According to the service, there are almost 15,000 titles available on Netflix around the world, and using UnoTelly will allow you access to all of them. It costs $4.95 a month for the basic service, and for $7.95 you can make the service a little more secure, but it’s not necessary. It definitely seems like a good deal if you live in one of the countries with a poor selection. They offer a one-month free trial, so you can check the service out before you put down any coin.


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