Even though we live in a very digital age where almost everything is contained inside either a web browser or an app, we still need the trusty pen and paper combination. And sometimes we need a pencil. And sometimes we make a mistake with that pencil and need to erase it, all before fiddling with it even more on a tablet using a stylus. Offering a unified solution for all these problems is the Plenty Pen.

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, the Plenty Pen is a 4-in-1 pen that combines a pen, a stylus, a pencil and an eraser in one swiveling, fidgety thing. Each half of the Plenty Pen is on a rotational swivel: one half has the pen and the stylus, and the other half has the pencil and eraser. These rotate around and stay in place with a magnet.

Because of the whole rotational bit, you can see how this can almost be a 5-in-1 product in that it can help with those of us who like to fidget. When you’re sitting there staring at your drawing or sketch or whatever it is that you’re working on, you can spin the two segments around to your heart’s delight.

All this fits into a robust aluminum construction in a compact size no bigger than your regular pencil. All four components can be refilled or replaced with off-the-shelf parts from your local stationery store. Get an ink refill for the pencil, graphite for the pencil, and so on. It’s all pretty standard stuff.

Head over to the the Kickstarter page for more information. As of this writing, there are still a few spots available at the €38 (about $40) early bird pledge level to get one Plenty Pen in your chosen color. The campaign runs until May 24 with a funding goal of €15,000.

Plenty Pen

Plenty Pen

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