Remember a few years ago when “lifestreaming” somehow became a thing, popularized by now Internet-famous folks like iJustine? Thanks to advances in technology, that fad could live again through true POV fashion. Action cams are great, but they still don’t provide you with exactly what the wearer is actually seeing.

The 3RDi, or “Third Eye,” does… because you wear it like how Sailor Moon wears her tiara.

Seriously, don’t you think the 3RDi looks like Sailor Moon’s tiara? It doesn’t quite have the V-shape, but you do wear it across your forehead. In place of the crystal, you get an HD autofocus camera that acts as your “third eye,” capturing “your life instantly and easily while enjoying the present moment.” It’ll record both videos and photos and it could be even weirder than Google Glass.


I’m not sure how well the battery life will hold up, but the 3RDi does come with a microSD slot for capture, as well as a microphone and flash for full-featured recording. There’s a touch-sensitive band on one side where you tap for a still or “slide for a moving capture” (meaning a video).

The usage scenarios illustrated by developer 3RDiTEK include rolling around with your baby in bed, playing basketball by yourself in the gym, hiking through a forest, and getting pulled over by the cops. Because the officer certainly isn’t going to ask why you’re cosplaying as Sailor Moon.


If you’re interested in picking up a 3RDi for yourself, then you’ll need to hop on over to the Indiegogo campaign page and pledge a minimum of $194 for the “super early bird” special. The full retail is expected to be $400 if this project ever gets off the ground. They have a funding goal of $250,000 and they’re well on their way with… $1,414 raised thus far as of this writing.

Watch the video below for more info.

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