30 Video Games Made into Movies (For Better or Worse)

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Video game film adaptations have a long, complicated history. Well, it's really not that long. It's not complicated, either. They're mostly bad. We've finally hit a comic book movie renaissance, and those seem to be pretty good now, but video games still have a way to go to get their due on the silver screen.

It's not for lack of trying. Plenty of talented, passionate people have tried adapting video games into films, but fonot you r some reason or another they almost always end up subpar. It doesn't help that many games on this list aren't exactly easy to adapt. Super Mario Bros. may have a premise, but it doesn't really have a plot, at least it didn't way back in 1993.

Here are the most notable video game adaptations we've had, including some that flew under the radar. Almost all of them had a rough time at the box office and in critic's circles. Don't get your hopes up.

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