You know how we’re supposed to be getting all these low-cost cell phone plans starting from $15 a month? The company we once knew as Wind Mobile has now entered the fray with a plan that might actually be viable for people with very modest usage needs. The $15 Freedom Mobile plan gives you some talk, unlimited text, and a tiny data bucket for when you’re away from Wi-Fi.

To find these supposedly cheap plans, you’ll need to navigate down to the Home Plans section on the Freedom Mobile website. That sounds awfully confusing to me, because it sounds like they’re offering home Internet or home phone or something through a plan like that. Freedom is owned by Shaw, after all.

But that’s not the case at all. These are the basic cell phone plans for when you’re “staying close to home” and you want “no data overage fees while on our Home network.”

The $15 Freedom Mobile plan includes:

  • 250MB of full-speed data
  • 100 minutes of Canada-wide talk
  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • Unlimited texting to Canada and the US

You’ll need to take advantage of the $5 “Digital Discount” by signing up for pre-authorized payments (“Auto Pay”). Otherwise, the plan will cost you $20 a month. The plan is also eligible for a $5/month tab if you want a new phone too.

Compared to the $25/month plans put forward by Rogers, Telus and Bell a few months ago (for 400MB of data only), the Freedom Mobile plan sounds like a better deal.

If you want a little more, they’ve got two $25/month plans:

  • One has 500MB of data, plus unlimited Canada-wide talk and unlimited text to Canada and the US.
  • The other gives you 1GB of data and unlimited text, but Canada-wide calling is $0.05/minute.

What do you think? Do these sorts of phone plans have any appeal to you?

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