Zynga Lays Off 100+ Employees During Apple Event

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Mass layoffs are never a good thing, which would explain why when Apple was hoarding all of the media attention around their announcement of the new iPad, Zynga quietly laid off over one hundred employees. These layoffs come from both the Austin office, which lost most of its staff, and the Boston office, which shut down completely.

The news originally came from the Twitter account of a former employee of Apple, Sony, Mint, and Smule, who had friends at Zynga. He was told that the teams for TheVille and Bingo had been let go and given two hours to clear their desks and vacate.

It's no secret that Zynga's been going through a rough time lately and we all know that in business, layoffs are a necessary evil. However, you can handle those layoffs with class, or you can try to cover them up, which never works and just serves to make your company look cold and cartoon-ishly evil.

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