After going after the “affordable premium” segment with budget to mid-range phones, ZTE stepped it up to another level with the ZTE Axon, Axon Pro and most recently with the Axon 7. But they want to go further, which is why they turned to the collective wisdom of the Internet with Project CSX in search of the next big idea. And here’s what y’all came up with.


As a quick refresher, ZTE launched Project CSX in August as an online community where you, the user, could submit ideas for what you want to see in future devices. The ideas had to be reasonably reasonable, achievable within the next year or two. A transparent phone with infinite battery life isn’t what they had in mind.

The top five mobile concepts submitted to the site are:

  • Eye tracking: A phone where you can scroll up and down the page using only your eye movement, all while the phone sticks to a flat surface with an adhesive back.
  • Smart covers: Additional functionality added to a ZTE phone via a case, like offering an e-ink display, stylus or gamepad. This would build on the current rise of modular phones like the LG G5 and Moto Z.
  • Powerglove: Remember the Power Glove for the NES? It’s like that, but not really. Control your phone by twiddling your fingers.
  • Stock Android phone: With the death of Nexus, maybe this is appropriate. Take all the best things from the Axon 7, strip the bloatware, and upgrade the hardware and camera.
  • Waterproof VR: What if you could take your VR headset for a dunk in the pool or lake? That’s the idea behind the VR diving mask, which sounds both amazing and potentially dangerous.

Which idea do you like the best? Which do you think is the most practical or could be the most popular?

Sources: ZTE and Mobilesyrup

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