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As we have established over the course of time, I like to cook. Not only do I like it, I am apparently good at it. Probably a half dozen times a month at least I end up creating my own recipes for various things, and they seem to go over well both at my house and when I submit them to a recipe site where I am a member. Consequently, I am always on the lookout for kitchen gadgets that might make my dinners easier to create or more interesting once they're done. One thing that I keep trying over and over again is cutting boards. There just don't seem to be any that meet all of my needs. Curtis Stone appears to have what might be the answer I've been seeking.

The Workbench Cutting Board measures 22 inches by 14 inches, which gives you enough space to chop just about anything. But it gets way better than just surface area. Also included are three stainless steel measuring cups into which you can directly scrape whatever it is you're chopping for easy measurement. It features a disposal bin as well, so no worries about the ends of your onions or your tomato cores getting mixed into the parts you actually want to eat. There is a hole in the corner of the board where you can scrape the parts you don't want, then a stainless steel drawer catches them. The drawer slides out for easy disposal.

But wait, there's more! You also get a stainless steel scoop to easily transfer your chopped items into either the measuring cups or the pan or bowl you're using. If you're like me and normally try to do it with either your hands (which often mashes the chopped ingredients) or your knife (which dulls your knife), you know how fabulous that is. The board itself is made of Victorian ash, which is a hardwood grown on an eco-sustainable plantation, and will not damage your knife's edge. Being hardwood, it's also pretty hard to scratch or cut its surface. All pieces are removable for easy cleanup.

I really, really want one of these. Unfortunately, at $300.00 US it's just a little too spendy for my budget. But, it would be worth saving up for if it's really as wonderful as it looks on paper.

Source: Gizmodo