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When I learn about innovative new products, especially of the Internet-of-Things variety, my reaction often progresses through multiple stages: This is silly. This is neat, but unnecessary. Okay, this is cool. This is very cool and I need it. I don't know if I exactly got to that fourth stage with these bluetooth-connected heated insoles, but I understand them, and they're a damn cool way to fight the winter cold.

These new insoles from +T can be controlled wirelessly through an app, they charge wirelessly, and they have a built-in accelerometer that allows them to kick on automatically when you start walking. All of this adds up to one very convenient truth: you don't have to think about them. With all the things the +Winter insoles do automatically, you don't have to constantly be fiddling with them, you can just enjoy having toasty feet.

The insoles are also water-resistant and supposedly flame-retardant, and you really want that latter if it's something touching your skin. The insoles are already out in Europe, but the company has launched a Kickstarter in hopes of getting them to the United States. You can grab a pair for $98 and say goodbye to your clammy, cold feet that leave you feeling like your toes are going to fall off.